What’s new in Tagbox / video and uploader improvements

New on Tagbox - running subtitles, new uploader, and multi-org

Guy Barner
February 28, 2023

Dear Tagboxers - we have more great updates for you!

Here's what's new in Tagbox.io this month:

Transcript sync

Our auto-transcription was released 2 months ago, and has already become one of the most used features in Tagbox.io, which is why we wanted to make an improvement to make it even better: starting today, the transcription has a 2-way sync with your video/audio. This means that the transcript will auto-scroll as you play the video, and also, you're now able to click the timecode of a line you want to get to, and the video will jump to that point.

Real-time upload progress

Everything in Tagbox.io starts with an upload, so it's of the highest importance for us to make it as easy as possible. Starting today, you'll see your upload progress in real time. Our team was also able to make some adjustments to make the upload itself about 30% faster - saving you even more time.


Many of you are freelancers or are working with freelancers and external collaborators who have expressed interest in creating their own Tagbox.io account, but were limited by the fact we only supported a single account per email. Well, no more - each user can now be a member of multiple organizations, and quickly transition between them by clicking the avatar icon on the top right-hand side of the app. Enjoy!

Have any ideas or thoughts to share? We'd love to hear from you at hello@tagbox.io.

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