What is TagBox?

TagBox helps creative teams organize their design assets, so that you can find anything you need easily, instead of going through countless folders. 

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Key features


Using AI wizardry, TagBox identifies objects, text, and the style of each image you upload, and auto-tags them so they're easy to find. By manually refining tags, you can actually teach the AI your preferences, so it does better in the future. 

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Search and filtering

Just like in general-purpose stock websites, TagBox lets you use free search to find the perfect image within your repository. You can also filter by tag, file type, resolution, color, and more.

Powerful management tools

TagBox is designed for businesses, and as such, gives you full control of users, permissions, tagging preferences. Together with powerful analytics to track usage and gain insight, you'll have everything you need to set yourself up for success.

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Asset approval & collaboration 

Save time by streamlining your asset approval process by applying a status to each file, commenting, and notifications.

Why TagBox?

2. Instant onboarding: thanks to its simplicity, TagBox enables freelancers, clients, and external partners immediate, hassle-free access to your image repository.

1. Flexibility: Unlike folders, tags are flexible straight-forward, allowing you to instantly find assets using a variety of search terms and keywords.

3. Collaboration: Streamline asset delivery with clients & vendors, and reduce misunderstandings by replacing endless email threads with easy workflows.


Designed for designers: Dropbox and Google Drive are great general-purpose tools, but then again, so is Microsoft paint :)