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Setting up a Creative Asset Management platform can take weeks, sometimes months.

At Tagbox.io, we understand that a productivity tool is supposed to, well, help productivity, which is why our data migration team would love to help you get started as quickly as possible.

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what is data migration?

if you’re working with large amounts of content, getting them all to a new platform can be quite a hassle.

During migration, we’ll copy all of you content into Tagbox.io, and organize it according to your own preferences.

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how do we do it?

Since data migration in DAM platforms is notoriously long, you might ask yourself: how is this even possible?

The answer is simple: AI magic.

Our Migration team has advanced tools that analyze each file’s content, meta-data, location and more, and automatically organize and tag 90% of your assets.

As for the remaining 10% where our AI couldn’t say for sure - our specialists will organize them together with you to make sure everything is exactly where it should be.

our process

day 1

kickoff meeting

Our Migration specialists will understand our your team works, and build a tailored taxonomy and migration plan.

day 2-6

get organized

Our specialists handle the heavy lifting in a semi-automatic process, organizing 90% of your assets.

day 7

fine-tuning & handoff

Together, we’ll clear up those hard to reach places - files that require special attention. After that, the platform is yours to enjoy!


01 save your staff’s precious time

Most DAM platforms require your DAM admin to dedicate themselves to the setup process for anything from a few weeks to a feww months. With Tagbox, we only need a couple of hours of your time, and we’ll take care of the rest.

02 reduce costs

Looking at overall costs, removing the migration overhead can save your company thousands of dollars.

03 reduce risk

A side effect of long migration processes, is that it makes it impossible to switch from one platform to another.

Getting rid of migration works for you in both ways:

if you’re not sure about switching, you can quickly see how it works with your own data. And if for some reason you’re unhappy with the results, no harm, no foul - we’ll make sure you have a smooth migration out to your system of choice.

04 enjoy your dam sooner

There’s a reason your switching systems - your current setup is just not cutting it anymore. Every day you’re spending on migration, is another day in which your team is not anjoying their new Digital Asset Management platform.

how do I start?

Data migration is available for Company and Enterprise subscribers, at an additional one-time cost, starting at $500 (depending on your current data setup).

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