What’s new in Tagbox / share assets of people

New on Tagbox - it's now easier to share photos of people.

Guy Barner
June 27, 2023

If your creative assets have photos of people in them, you're going to want to read this!

Here's what's new in Tagbox.io this month:

Sharing assets of specific people

Earlier this year, we added face recognition to Tagbox.io, helping you find photos of people in seconds.

While finding those photos is great, sharing them still required some manual work.

Introducing - create collection by person. Now you can share photos of your influencers with them, share photos with people who attended your event, or finally send your CEO all of her photos so she can post them on LinkedIn :)

To create a collection of a person, go to Collections > New Collection > Automations, and select the people you'd like to add. You can use our "all/any" option to create a collection of two or more people, or couple it with tags to only add images of that person from a specific event, year, or any other tag.

Collections for guests

Now that you can share images of people, we wanted to make sure your guests are getting the VIP treatment.

Starting today, your collection guests will see a cleaner view without the sidebar. This view can also be embedded in other websites, helping you create the perfect gallery.

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