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The easiest way to find the best photo from a shoot

Guy Barner
November 5, 2023

We love using AI to make your life easier. This month's update does exactly that.

See similar photos together

You know how you have 10 similar photos taken one after the other, and you need to find the best one? Going one by one is an awkward and time-consuming process. So we've grouped them all together to make it crazy-simple.

Starting today, whenever you open an image, you'll also see similar photos - so that you can easily delete unnecessary photos and choose the best one for your campaign.

Search by image

You have an image, and need to find a higher-res version, a pre-edited version, or just other photos with a similar subject or vibe? Search by Image is just the thing for you.

You can now upload an image and see all similar-looking images, sorted by the similarity to the uploaded image.

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