What’s new in Tagbox / Automatic photo de-duplication

New on Tagbox - de-duplication of photos and other files, helping you stay organized all day long.

Guy Barner
August 8, 2022

Let's talk about organization. One of the most annoying things about using a drive solution is having to duplicate the same file between different folders. Well, we've got you covered!

Here’s what we’ve been cooking for you lately:

File and photo de-duplication

You have your folders, but then you want to send some materials to a collaborator, so you duplicate them into a new folder and share that. A couple of weeks later, a colleague of yours get's a presentation via email, and saves them to their own folder, even though it's already saved in the shared folder. A month passes and you want to update that presentation, but you only update the original, keeping multiple outdated versions of it on your drive...

Using tagbox.io means never having to worry about duplication. We analyze all the files you upload, and if you'll try to re-upload the same file that either you or someone else uploaded before, we'll let you know, and give you the chance to add more tags - leaving you with one single source-of-truth file.

Btw, this doesn't only work with images - it works for slides, videos, docs... Anything. It works if the name of the file was changed. It works if you try to dupe it and upload 100 duplicates at the same time. You see, it just works.

bulk selection of files using drag-select


So many people contacted us to say they love everything... But why is it so difficult to bulk select files and tag them?!

As always, you were right. We added the option to select multiple files using drag-select. Sorry it took so long!

Google sign-in

We hate passwords, and you probably hate them too. You can now sign in to your account using google sign-in, giving you one less password to remember (only 173,013 to go!).

Just make sure you use the same email! You can log into your corporate account with your private gmail!

Some more improvements

We also added some smallies but goodies:

  • support for .HEIC files, allowing you to upload pictures you took on your iPhone
  • The option for deleting comments is now available for the commentor and workspace admins
  • UI bug fixes for mobile

Next up

  • Collection automations: why should you need to manually add files to a collection? Add rules for adding tags for specific tags.
  • Asset approval process: Design the flow that works for you, and save yourself from countless back and forth emails.


Have more ideas and suggestions? Contact us at hello@tagbox.io. Looking to try tagbox.io for the first time? Start here.