What’s new in Tagbox / manage better with table view

This month's update is all about organizing your files better at scale

Guy Barner
March 19, 2024

Excited to share this month's update from Tagbox.io! We’ve rolled out new tools to turbocharge your tagging and organization efforts, especially when dealing with massive volumes of photos and videos.

Let's get into the details:

New table view

When working with lots of assets, it wasn't always easy to keep track on how each file is tagged. Our new table view is designed to do exactly that - keep track of your files and make sure all the meta-data is in place.

You can edit file names, tags and descriptions from right within the table, or using bulk edit.

The table view is available as part of the homepage and in collections, to admins and editors. Viewers and guests will still see only the main grid view, to keep their experience as clean as possible.

Bulk remove tags

Tagbox offers many ways to tag files - on upload, one by one, or in bulk. But every now and then, mistakes can happen. Like the dog from the Up movie, you see a squirrel and oops... Tag things the wrong way.

Until today, this was a costly mistake, but not anymore. Now, you can bulk select files, pick the unruly tag and remove it with a click of a mouse.

Find untagged files

Another common way files get disorganized is when someone forgot to tag them on upload. Once that happens, good luck finding those untagged files in the digital haystack. To filter for untagged files, go to the File Properties filter next to the search bar.

With the new filter, correcting these issues becomes a breeze. Goodbye clutter, hello organizational bliss.


If the new table view turns out to be useful, we'll be looking to add more functionality in the near future. We're currently discussing advanced sorting, more filtering options, and exports. Feel free to influence our priorities by sending your feedback to hello@tagbox.io.

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