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New on Tagbox.io - share people's photos with them in large events

Guy Barner
September 6, 2023

We just love taking complex processes and making them stupid-easy. Event planners - get ready to upgrade your guests' experience!

"Find My Photos" - instantly share people's photos with them 📸

You get the best photographer for your event - but are you getting max value from the result?

If you're running events, you probably want your guests to share it on social media.

Your guests, on their end, would be delighted to share their professionally-taken photos, but they don't have the time to search for them within the 300 photos you uploaded to your social account.

Our new "Find My Photos" feature makes this easy - your guests can snap a quick photo of themselves and we'll instantly find their photos and show it to them. From there, they're just a few clicks away from sharing with the world how awesome they look, and how great your event was.

Video translations & captions

If you're collaborating with international teams and sharing lots of videos, this might be for you!

Tagbox.io now supports automatic video translations in 100+ languages. Perfect for training and education, or simply for collaborating with non English-speakers. All translations are searchable, which means you can search for "Perro", and find videos of people talking about dogs.

Due to the internal costs, this is an Enterprise feature at the moment, so email us at hello@tagbox.io to add it to your plan.

Have any ideas or thoughts to share? We'd love to hear from you at hello@tagbox.io.

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