What’s new in Tagbox / improve collaboration with Automated Collections

New on Tagbox - Automatic Collections and Landing Pages that will make you look sharp in front of your collaborators.

Guy Barner
November 20, 2022

Sharing is caring, and it's also the root of every design collaboration.

We're extremely proud to share how collections just got a lot smarter:

Collection automation

Sharing is at the root of asset management - you want to make sure that everyone has access to the assets they need to do a great job.

Collections help you do exactly that, but up until now they required you to keep updating them manually, which was yet another thing you just don't want to worry about.

Automatic Collections let you define a set of rules, and automatically add them to a collection. For example, you can add all of the assets that are marked "Dress" AND "Black". Alternatively, you can add all of the images that are used for "Instagram" OR "TikTok".

Assets can be added retroactively as well as on an ongoing basis, so that you never have to worry about managing your collections manually.

Collection Landing Pages

When you share your assets with guests, freelancers, and customers, you want them to look amazing.

To make sure that's the case, we've upgraded the front page of our collections to a more attractive "Landing page" look, which looks more deliberate and less "Google-Drivy".

This let's them start on the right foot, putting the emphasis on search and your tags before diving into more advanced filtering options.

You can also customize the cover image for each collection to create a unique, tailored experience.

Support for .PSD and .AI files

Another step toward our goal to support all types of files - Tagbox now has file previews, image search, and auto-tagging for Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) and Illustrator (.AI).

This can allow you to collaborate better by sharing not only final images, but also editable templates across your team.

Up next

In the next few weeks, we'll be releasing some awesome things for video management, including auto-transcription in 100 languages.

Have any ideas or thoughts to share about your video requirements? We'd love to hear from you at hello@tagbox.io.


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