Face recognition search across your photos

Level up your creative asset management with facial recognition.

Guy Barner
May 11, 2023

Facial recognition has been a part of our lives for years. For most of us, tracking down an image of a family member can take seconds, using Google’s or Apple’s Photos apps. 

But somehow, finding images of people in a work context is a handful: you’ll need to remember when their picture was taken, and manually scan through hundreds of photos taken at the same event; or, if you’re one of those organization wizards, you might pre-tag you images by names, either using a tagging system or simply by renaming each image, one by one.  

There are many reasons why you might need to find someone’s images in a rush, but no matter your reasons, there’s one great solution - a digital asset management platform that has a facial recognition feature. 

Use cases

Events: many organizations are running events - from cultural events, to academic institutes hosting conferences and nonprofits throwing fundraisers - all invested so many resources in the event and have made sure to document it, so that you can later share the images with participants, publish a PR announcement or use it in your marketing materials. 

Retail: you invest so much in each photoshoot - precious time from your creative professionals and models to get a few hundreds of great photos, only to later dump them into a folder somewhere. And if you need to find them later, say when one of your models asks you to send them all their images for approval? Well, that’s going to be an issue.

Staff images: looking for photos from your employee photoshoot for the website redesign? Or an image of your CEO speaking at the last all-hands meeting? Clickety-click, face recognition to the rescue!

No matter what your specific use-case is, getting all the images of someone shouldn’t be harder than finding your cousin’s photos from last year’s Christmas dinner.

How it works

If you’ve ever used the Photos app on your phone, the flow should be highly familiar to you: after you upload your photos, Tagbox.io analyzes them, compares them, and groups similar faces to one identity.

You can then see a list of all the faces found, and click on it to see all images containing that person. Moreover, you can give names to people you’re likely to search for a lot, and make them searchable from the main search bar.

Like all AI, face recognition is never 100%. It might miss some instances of a person, especially if they’re looking sideways or are partially hidden. Also, it might identify the same person as two separate individuals, especially if the lighting conditions are different, or if many years went by between shoots. In those cases, Tagbox.io allows you to merge those identities by simply naming them with the same name. However, you’d be surprised at how accurate face recognition usually is, being able to identify people even if they’re part of a blurry background.

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