Event Experts & Influencers To Follow in 2024 [Updating List]

Looking to engage with top event professional? Here are the best event influencers in the industry.

Natasha Ivanovic
December 27, 2023

Event professionals are always looking for new ways to make their events incredible. Whether its using new tools, or applying new themes and ideas, it's important to follow the industry's top thought leaders to stay on top of the latest.

Working with so many event organizers, I was motivated and a little curious to learn more about new event trends and best practices. So, I scoured the internet high and low in search of the best influencers in the event space. And after seeing thousands of profiles, I wanted to share the ones I likes the most. 

These experts are sharing insight and inspiration on a regular basis, and if you're not following them already - you should definitely check them out.

C’est Belle Events — DC & NYC, USA

Instagram: @cest.belle.events


There are event planners, and then there are event planners. If there’s one thing Mahalia J., creative director of C’est Belle Events is all about, it’s glam. Just look at her events! It’s glitz, it’s glam, it’s drama. And we’re here for it.

While some event planners stay low-key, what we love about Mahalia is that she stays true to herself when event planning—her 29k followers feel the same way.

Mahalia specializes in:

  • Corporate & experiential events
  • Birthday & anniversary
  • Baby & bridal 
  • Set design 
  • And all things glam

The reel we love is where she talks about when you should start planning your event - see it here.

Latasha James — USA

Instagram: @thelatashajames


Self-proclaimed internet hype girl (and we totally believe her), Latasha James is all about guiding your event planning business to the next level. What we love about Latasha is that she focuses on helping freelancers develop the foundation of their business—and every freelance event planner can use the support. 

Latasha is a pro at: 

  • Freelancing 
  • Mentorship
  • Business coaching

And if maybe you’re thinking, how come she looks so familiar… Well, she’s been featured by Insider Business, Forbes, and Buzzfeed—this girl knows her stuff.

The post we love from Latasha is where we talks about mental health as a business owner - check it here.

Nancy Ayala — USA

Instagram: @partyeventsacademy


We’ve all planned a birthday party, and… well, let’s just say it’s not for everyone, at least that’s what we thought. What we love about Nancy is that she believes everyone has the potential to host a great event.

She’s your girl if you need any event planning resources and support. Whether you’re planning to become a professional event planner or just learn how to host your own family events, she has the tools, tips, and tricks to get you there.

Nancy is your go-to girl for:

  • Coaching
  • Event planning kits
  • Event curation ideas
  • Education e-books

The post we love from Nancy talks about the 4 event planner must haves - see here.

Akeshi Akinseye — USA

Instagram: @thekeshexperience


When we look at Akeshi, we can hear her saying, "Do you want an event? Or do you want a real experience?". We know the answer, and sign us up! Akeshi has more than skills, she has a true talent for event planning.

While she loves events, she knows there’s a lot more that goes into them than just a bowl of potato chips and that’s why she’s a business coach for event professionals. She knows all the ins and outs of event planning and wants to share it.

Akeshi focuses on:

  • Business coaching for event professionals
  • Event planning
  • Event design (including florals, tablescaping)

The reel we love from Akeshi talks about mastering the art of inclusive event meals - check it out here.

Jennifer Gilbert — New York, USA

Instagram: @jengilbertnyc


We don’t know Jennifer personally, but we already feel like we do. Founder of Save the Date, Jennifer Gilbert’s warmth online shows that she has the talent of making people feel entertained and well taken care of. And we have the receipts to prove it!

Jennifer’s been in the business of event planning for over 20 years, working with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to brides and grooms. Everyone wants a piece of her creativity and we don’t blame them—her 200k fans feel the same.

Jennifer focuses on:

  • Corporate events
  • Non-profit events
  • Social events
  • Virtual events

The reel we love from Jennifer is where she shows us how she and her team put together a non-profit event from the ground up - see here.

Margo Velvet — Miami & NYC, USA

Instagram: @margovelvet


It’s not everyday you see an event planner with a background in performance arts. But, then again, you haven’t met Margo. What we love about her is that she incorporates her experience of performing on stage into her events.

In other words, she knows exactly how to grab the attention of her audience and keep people wanting more. Based in Miami and New York, Margot lights up any venue she gets her hands on.

Margo specializes in the following: 

  • Corporate events
  • Private events
  • Event entertainment

The reel we love from Margo showcases the festive entertainment at her events - check it out here.

Brian Green — USA

Instagram: @bybriangreen


The fact that Brian Green is known for “bringing the fabulous” to his events is literally all we need to know about him. It says it all. If Brian is one word, it’s passion.

Sure, he’s an award-winning event planner (with an awesome nickname), but he also loves educating and mentoring event professionals through his courses, webinars, podcasts, and Instagram page. Now that’s what we call love.

Brian is a pro at:

  • Corporate events
  • Social events
  • Educational event planning content
  • Mentorship

The post we love from Brian is his jaw-dropping wedding event he designed - see it here.

Andrew Roby — DC, LA & Texas, USA

Instagram: @andrewrobyevents


You’ve seen him in the New York Times, you’ve seen him in Forbes, you’ve seen him in BizBash Top 500—he’s everywhere (and for a good reason).

What gets us pumped about Andrew is his dedication and love of event planning. It comes from the heart and you see it in everything he does. He’s not shy to showcase his jaw-dropping events, but he’s also helping other event professionals through his coaching and social media content. 

Andrew talks about:

  • Corporate events
  • Wedding events
  • Social events
  • Coaching
  • Interior design

The post we love from Andrew is where he explains the tips and tricks for budgeting your event - check it out here.

Robin Ballard — California, USA

Instagram: @robinballardevents


While most event planners can do a little bit of everything, Robin is all about weddings. And we love an event planner that knows what they like.

Taking on a limited number of events each year, Robin puts every inch of herself into her events and the photos speak for themselves—but seriously, check out her page. After you see them, you’ll want to have a wedding (or another one).

Robin specializes in: 

  • Wedding events
  • Coaching

The post we love on Robin's Instagram page is a beautiful country-Italian themed wedding, full of lush greenery and a simplistic table design you can see here.

Julius Solaris — Nevada, USA

Instagram: @tojulius


It’s not every day you see a passionate tech event planner, but not everyone is Julius Solaris. Combining his love of event planning, marketing, and technology, Julius is all about bringing these industries together to create tech events that are making waves.

Julius specializes in: 

  • Tech events
  • Corporate events
  • Event consulting

The post we love is where Julius is calling out some big mistakes events make - see what he wrote here

Janice Cardinale — Toronto, Canada

LinkedIn: @janice-cardinale


Janice may be a Canadian sweetheart, but when it comes to event planning she’s not joking around.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Janice loves putting people first which is why she’s all about creating a space to talk about mental health and wellness within the event, hospitality, and meeting industries.

And if you’ve ever designed an event, you know how challenging it can be - so Janice is here to make sure everyone has the support they need. 

Janice specializes in: 

  • Mental health and wellness for entrepreneurs
  • Educational event planning content
  • Brand design

We love this post where Janice discusses creativity in the event planning industry - read it here.

Mahoganey Jones — Toronto, Canada

LinkedIn: @mahoganeyjones

Here’s a really fun fact about Mahoganey - she’s the first ever Canadian event professional to become a digital event strategist. The first!

Way before the pandemic (like back in 2008), Mahogany knew the value of virtual and hybrid events. And ever since then, she’s been a force in the event world. 

Mahoganey focuses on: 

  • Event management and production for companies
  • Virtual and hybrid event experience
  • Corporate workshops and trainings

We love this post where she talks about the stressful seasons in the event planning industry - check it out here.

Anca Platon Trifan — Idaho, USA

LinkedIn: @ancatrifan

Anca isn’t the kind of woman who will sit back and let other people do the job for her - she’s all hands in. After 20+ years of experience, Anca knows what it takes to create a memorable event. With her knowledge, Anca also uses her time to host her podcast, which provides strategies, tips, and tricks for event professionals.

Anca focuses on:

  • Corporate events
  • Social events
  • Tech events
  • Educational event planning content

We love this post where she talks on her podcast about AI and the event industry - listen to it here.

Nicola Kastner — Toronto, Canada

LinkedIn: @nicolakastner


Even if you've only hosted a birthday party, you know how easy it is for the budget to go out the window and, let's just say, a lot of pointless purchases (do you really need 400 different types of appetizers? Okay, I know the answer is no, but my stomach says yes).

And Nicola knows this - she's been working in the event industry for years. As an independent consultant, she helps global brands and companies strategically make the most out of their events (while sticking to the budget).

Nicola specializes in:

  • Event strategy advisory services
  • Coaching and mentoring

We love this post where Nicola talks about the myth around celebrity speakers driving event registration - read more about it here.

Dionne Bishop — Toronto, Canada

LinkedIn: @dionneb


A great event isn’t just because there’s an open bar (okay, maybe it’s a little bit about that). But in all honesty, what makes an unforgettable event is the event planner - and that’s when we introduce Dionne.

A lover of all things travel and food-related (are we twins?), Dionne knows all the tiny pieces that go into a great event - in-person and live.

Dionne focuses on: 

  • Corporate event planning
  • Social event planning 
  • Live events
  • Event production

We love this post where Dionne talks about taking on new clients in the event industry - read it here.

Huong Nguyen — California, USA

LinkedIn: @mshuongnguyen


If you've planned anything, you know it takes a real leader to set up an event and keep the guests entertained. While the struggle is real when it's a kid's birthday party, Huong and her team create and manage large-scale corporate events for global brands.

Yeah, we're not talking about hiring a clown and ordering pizza. Huong handles high-level events with high stakes - but she makes it look effortless. 

Huong specializes in:

  • Corporate events for global brands
  • Virtual events

We love this post where Huong talks about the must-have emergency kit she brings to all her events - read about it here.


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