Creative Asset Management for Small Businesses [Case Study]

How Eczema Clothing Got Their Photos Organized and Set Up for Success.

Guy Barner
February 6, 2024

As a small business owner, you need to be highly efficient. You simply don’t have the luxury not to, but you also don’t have lots of money to splash around on expensive tools. 

If you’re in the retail business, your most precious assets are your photos and videos, which you use for your social media, marketing campaigns, and website, while collaborating with photographers and designers.

Just for a single campaign to go public, it takes a lot of moving parts with many hands involved. And delays always happen: for example, a photographer needs to take the photos, send them to you to upload to your drive.  That drive folder might then go to your designer or your ads perso, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they might email you back and then it becomes a back and forth thing until you get it right — all this takes up a lot of time.

That’s exactly how it was for Eczema Clothing, a family-owned clothing business from the UK.

The Company

Eczema Clothing's story starts with family. 

Jo struggled raising daughters with severe eczema. She went on endless hunts for solutions, but nothing would do the trick. The sheer distress of watching your child in pain and discomfort inspired Jo to design clothing that would provide relief to their own children — eventually providing it to others experiencing the same situations.

A family business, Jo is a full-time employee, while her husband works with her part-time. But they can’t do everything on their own. Their team consists of 3-4 more team members, mostly in marketing, all part-time working mothers. They also outsource work to a freelance graphic designer and photographer. 

As a clothing company, they’re frequently posting on their website and social media accounts, showing new products including clothing, skincare, and household goods. With over 100 products, photography plays an important role in their marketing, but their team has limitations. 

The Challenges

While the structure of their business suits their needs, it can cause serious disorganization when it comes to organizing their digital assets.

Since the team works on a part-time basis, they struggled getting everyone on the same page. Everyone works on different days and hours - and not everyone has the password to their storage. So, if Jo, for example, needs an image from a team member and they’re not working that day, she’d have to wait 24 hours until she received access to it. 

The freelance photographer they work with has her own digital asset repository, but lacks search options to find images and videos, causing even more delay in projects and campaigns. 

This was making them feel like they couldn’t move forward and grow as a business; instead, they were too busy just waiting for everyone to catch up with each other. It didn’t really feel like a team. 

On top of all of this, they’re a small business looking for tools that won’t go over their limited budget. However, most digital asset management tools out there are designed for large enterprises: they’re highly complex and cost thousands of dollars a month, making them completely inaccessible to small businesses. So even though they recognized these issues in the business, they didn’t have a way to overcome them.

The Solution

After looking at other digital asset management tools, Eczema Clothing decided to try out Tagbox.

The first thing Eczema Clothing was able to fix was their access issues. WIth Tagbox’s flat tagging hierarchy instead of the old intricate, deeply nested folder structure, everyone on the team was immediately on the same page, getting direct access to the same assets. That way, regardless of one’s working hours, they can access all the assets on their database. So, no need to wait 24 hours to find a photo from their latest photoshoot. 

By organizing all photos and videos in a customized way, team members can find them with ease. For example, they can organize assets by supplier, product group or specific product, etc. On top of tagging, their designer can also filter images by color, model or orientation to find the best photo for her design. 

On top of their product photos, Eczema Clothing also creates reel for social media, which they can keep organized in Tagbox and make them instantly searchable - since Tagbox creates automatic transcription for videos, finding the reel when someone is talking about how their pajamas has helped them get a better night’s sleep. 

Lastly, unlike enterprise digital asset management tools, Tagbox offers affordable pricing for all businesses, regardless of size. With a generous free plan of up to 1,000 files, and upgrade options starting at just $80 a month. This way, Eczema Clothing was able to get a high quality product at a fraction of the cost.


Eczema Clothing wanted to take their business to the next level, but to do that, they needed their team to be on the same page.

Using Tagbox’s platform they were able to have all their photos and videos stored in one place, completely accessible to their entire team. The advanced tagging system and AI-powered search now helps everyone find assets quickly and easily, removing delays in their marketing process. 

With these technical challenges out of the way, Eczema Clothing can focus on what they do best - creating clothing and accessories that help those with sensitive skin conditions feel better.


Interested in organizing your own team’s assets? Join Tagbox and get started.