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Real-life example of brilliant businesses share amazing photos.

Guy Barner
February 6, 2024

Organizations that host regular events are always looking for new ways to showcase  past events, and easily share photos and videos. Makes sense. You want people to see what your organization is up to, and get excited for what’s to come.

While there’s nothing easier than sharing a Dropbox folder, or simply dumping everything into your social media account, let’s be honest - neither option makes it easy for people to find specific photos.

In a perfect world, you can have your audience search photos by event, by date, or event find specific people. Well… That perfect world just might exist! Take a look at how some of Tagbox’s customers are sharing photos with their crowds. 

Leuven Slush'D 

Picture this:

You’re hosting one of the largest tech events in Europe, with thousands of people in attendance - and your event photographers are going wild with the camera (as they should!). But now it’s over and you’re left with thousands of photos, thinking about the best way to share them with the masses. This was the problem that Leuven Slush'D had.

Slush is a non-profit focused on building the world’s leading startup event and the largest gathering of VC, bringing together great minds all under one roof. Let’s be honest, if we’re talking about high-tech, which means your attendees, speakers, and partners have zero time to go scrolling through thousands of photos just to find the few they’re in.

So, what the Leuven Slush'D team decided to do was to enhance their post-event experience for all participants by incorporating an online public album that includes instant face recognition, allowing each attendee to snap a quick selfie and instantly get access to all the photos they appear in. 

Using Tagbox Find My Photos feature, they created this online photo album, which they then sent attendees via email. And the best thing? They instantly saw a spike in Social Shares, and their guests got an even more lasting memory. 

Beldi Rooftop -

Beldi Rooftop is a rooftop restaurant in Boit, France, known for their lively nightclub evening events and Mediterranean cuisine. Food and event photography plays an important role in their business as they advertise their unique rooftop experience on social media and their website. Since they’re taking hundreds of photos every night, they use Tagbox to help not only organize their images in an easy way, but also to share their content with their guests. 

You can see on their website, they have a button where it connects visitors to their Tagbox collection. From here, visitors can search through the photos by date, by person (using face recognition), or simply scroll in a great, aesthetic tile view. 

With a public collection, visitors can easily find, download and share their photos to their own social media profiles, organically advertising the Beldi Rooftop to new potential customers. 

10k Independents

10k Independents is the first member-owned organization focused on developing a sustainable small business community in Philadelphia. To bring their plan to life, they organize numerous events throughout the year to create partnerships and shine a light on their cause.

To let organization attendees easily get their photos from fundraisers and other events, 10K has a link to their Tagbox collection where they can see the images and videos in gallery view. 

Tagbox not only made photo sharing easy and free to use, but it allowed 10k to showcase their events in a clean and professional way.


Wordfest is an entrepreneurial arts non-profit and quickly became one of Canada’s largest literary festivals. Producing shows and events year-round, let’s just say their photographers are busy working—this means they have thousands and thousands of photos and videos to share with presenters, attendees, and partners. 

Wordfest is incorporating Tagbox into their everyday use to enhance audience post-event experience. For example, let’s take a look at the Canlit Power Coven Initiative. As you can see in the image below, they link their Tagbox public collection right on their webpage, allowing anyone who clicks to access the event’s photos.

Once a visitor clicks on the link, they’re taken to a great looking, customized public collection and relieve their experience.


The public collection feature on Tagbox aims to help amazing businesses simplify the post-event experience so they can continue to achieve their goals while their audience can easily access and share photos from their favorite events. It takes minutes to create a public collection, and it's free for the first 1,000 photos.

Interested in trying out the collections feature yourself? Join Tagbox and get started.