What’s new in Tagbox / Better marketing collaboration with Collections

A monthly update about new features in tagbox.io [July 2022]

Guy Barner
July 20, 2022

Hi to all creatives out there! 

Here’s what we’ve been cooking for you lately:

Better Marketing Collaboration with Collections

So much creative work is done in collaboration with external partners: clients, freelancers, and agencies. Sharing is caring, but it can also be hella frustrating: duplicating assets to new folders, sharing them in emails, updating and sharing again, using WeTransfer for larger files…

We hear you, so we made it as easy as possible:

  1. Create a new collection
  2. Choose the images you want to share
  3. Share with anyone you need, giving each person the permissions they need

No emails, no messy folders with duplicate content, no WeTransfer - just a collection you can update, comment on, and always have control on who sees what.

Marketing collaboration has never been easier.

People filter

We’ve seen so many people creating tags for people’s characteristics, we decided to save you the trouble. With the new people filter, you can filter all your images by how many people are in them, by their gender, and even by age groups. 

Free text search

We’ve made Search even better - you can now write full sentences, such as “elderly man walking on the beach” - and we’ll match it and give you the best results!

Tagging assistant

As more people on you team start tagging, you might find that different people use different terms for the same thing. But with our tagging assistant, that’s not an issue at all! 

Say you have an existing tag for ‘purse,’, and someone tries to add a new tag ‘Handbag’ - Tagbox will detect that those are synonyms, and ask you if you want to use the existing tag, or if you indeed wanted to create a new one.

That’s the closest thing to magic you’ll see in a productivity app!

Improved free plan

We understand small teams don’t always have the budget for top-tier apps, but we believe that shouldn’t stop you from working better. 

We’ve updated our pricing plans, enhancing our free “Studio Plan” to include:

  • Up to 1000 assets
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited workspaces

It’s easier than ever to get started, so tell your friends. For more details, see our pricing page.

Next up

  • Collection automations: why should you need to manually add files to a collection? Add rules for adding tags for specific tags.
  • Asset approval process: Design the flow that works for you, and save yourself from countless back and forth emails.


Have more ideas and suggestions? Contact us at hello@tagbox.io. Looking to try tagbox.io for the first time? Start here.