Household Items

Retailers who carry many different product and brands often have a huge problem managing their assets, and for clear reasons - you're getting lots of materials from your suppliers, and creating more of your own; you have to manage multiple resources coming in different ways, and you have to make sure you always have the latest version. And of course, there's the question of how to organize all those images - by brand? Product type? Department? Color?

Using tags, you don't need to choose - you can organize in multiple ways, and always find what you're looking for. Wait, we know what you're going to say - who's got time to tag all those 1000s of pictures, right?

Well yeah, but with our customize auto-tagging system, there's no need to. Add that to a smart search that can read the labels in your images, and other advanced filters, and your managing your creative assets just got a lot easier.

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