What’s new in Tagbox / sort categories & download subs

Awesome improvements based on your requests

Guy Barner
November 29, 2023

Over the past months, we released a few huge features: deep search, finding similar photos, and more.

New things are great, but sometime you need to pause and improve what's already there. We read all your requests and suggestions, and developed the top requested ones.

Here they are:

Sort categories

For understandable reasons, tags in categories are sorted by the number of files tagged.

That usually makes sense, but in some cases, it really bothered you. "I have a category for Years - why can't I see them in regular, descending order?!" - that's a response we got a lot. Well, now you can sort your categories any way you'd like. Whether you're tagging for years, serial numbers, or if you just prefer seeing things in alphabetical order - go to your Tag Management section, and change that sorting in a second. The change will apply across your organization, of course.

Download video subtitles

A while back, we added automatic transcripts, as well as optional translations add-on for enterprise customers. The response was overwhelming, but many people also wanted to download the subtitles so that they can actually embed them in the video across their marketing channels.

You can now download your subtitles in two formats: .srt and .vtt. You can then edit them if you'd like, and directly embed them into your video.

Improved support for transparent PNGs

PNGs are among the most common assets types, especially because they're among the only formats who support transparent background. Till recently, those files didn't look their best on Tagbox. But now, you can upload all the transparent PNGs you'd like, and they'll look great. This update also works for previously uploaded content.

Have any ideas or thoughts to share? We'd love to hear from you at hello@tagbox.io.

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