Media Management for Nonprofits

Enhance your outreach in support of your mission.

Guy Barner
June 24, 2024

When you’re a nonprofit, there’s a lot going on: You’re over here, you’re over there, you’re hosting a fundraiser and the next day you’re on the ground working with the community. 

All these activities create content: photos and videos that you need to organize and later utilize for fundraising, social media posting, PR, presentations...

That's the eternal challenge of every nonprofit: that are way more tasks than there are hours in the day, so you're always working in chaos. We're here to reduce that chaos.

Here are a few ways we can help:

Search for anything — from a photo of an event to a specific person 

There’s always someone on your team who needs a specific photo of a fundraiser or video of the project you’re working on. When that happens, how do you find it? You probably end up spending way too much time scrolling through your drive, looking through each folder in hope of finding it. 

With a combination of deep search and facial recognition, you can quickly find any photo or video in your database. For example, let’s say your team wants to post a group photo from an activity that took place last year. Instead of spending hours asking around, you can search by the date of the event, the name, the venue, or by people you know attended it. Your search can be as vague or as complex as you’d like: you can literally search for "kids running around a golf course wearing school uniforms" - if it's i your library, we'll find it.

Upload and organize your assets quickly and easily

Let’s be honest, as a non-profit there are a lot of different hands working together and that means it’s easy for things to get disorganized — especially when it comes to uploading and organizing content.

With people coming and going, you want anyone on your team to be able to upload content. Can you imagine having 50 different people upload content on Google Drive? It would be pure chaos. But new digital asset management tools are really easy to use, so anyone can just pick it and start uploading content. 

Plus, it also allows many people to upload content and have it automatically organized. That way, anyone can upload your content and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost on the platform.

“We know nonprofit leaders and staffs want to adopt technology; but few integrate technology into their organizational strategy. this is limiting their organizational mission and fundraising potential.”

Douglas Kelly, Senior Professional Staff, The Johns Hopkins University.

Share your assets with team members, community, and donors

You need to be able to share your content with your team, partners, community, and donors. For example, if you’re a sports nonprofit organization, you may want to share photos and videos with the athletes so they can post on social media. Or if you’re a humanitarian nonprofit, you may want to share with a donor photos of how their money is helping to save lives.

You’re probably uploading assets on your Drive, organizing them and then uploading the selected ones to WeTransfer or Dropbox — sounds exhausting. With, you can select photos individually or in bulk using filters and tags. Then you can create a collection, similar to an online photo album, and share the link via email. That’s it. 

Easy sharing features can help you build a relationship with your donors, allowing them to easily access your content and reshare it on their social media pages. This not only has donors feeling appreciated and a part of the team, but it also helps to attract more donors. 


As a nonprofit, your assets are essential to marketing your organization and building relationships with donors. That said, they need to be easily accessible for everyone on your team. It’s 2024 and there’s no reason why you should settle for a platform that isn’t making your life easier. At, we're inspired by our nonprofit customers that make the world a better place.

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