ai-first Video management

Organize your video content and make searching for content a breeze.

face recognition

Instantly find videos by the people in them. Face recognition in videos allows you to easily identify individuals across all videos, making your video content more organized and searchable.


A game-changer for video content management,
allowing you to find a scene by a phrase spoken, and jump directly to the right spot.

catalog using tags

Tagging allows you to extend the AI-powered capabilities with all that information AI doesn't know about: the name of the Videographer, or the location where the scene was shot.

search and filters

A centralized search for texts, people, scenes and objects, making it easy to locate specific content within your video library.

Filters help you refine your search by duration, resolution, and more, ensuring you find exactly what you need quickly.

easily share your content

Share your content with select partners or create beautiful public collections for the world to see.

easy share

Get your assets organized

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