Join the Partner Program

At, we believe in the power of collaboration where everyone benefits—our partners, their clients, and us.

By joining our Affiliate Partner Program, you enter a partnership that amplifies success across the board. Your clients enjoy exclusive benefits and advanced technology, you earn substantial rewards and insights, and together, we expand our reach and impact.

beta program

As of 2024, this is a new program, and while we're dipping our toes in the partnership pond, we're offering outstanding rates to our first partners. Later-joining partners will likely enjoy lesser terms than yours.

who it's for

Digital Transformation

Leverage your deep understanding of technology and client needs to introduce them to a platform that redefines media asset management.

Creative Agencies

Perfect for agencies managing extensive client portfolios. Multiply your impact and revenue by onboarding multiple clients to a cutting-edge solution.

Businesses with similar audience

Ideal for companies whose target audience overlaps with ours. Enhance your offerings and create new revenue opportunities by partnering with us.

partner benefits

01 High Earnings

Earn a lucrative 25% recurring commission on your referrals' revenue. Your referrals get an additional 15% just for joining through you.

02 Personalized Training

Receive one-on-one training sessions to deepen your understanding of our products.

03 Performance Tracking

Use our partners’ portal to track your earnings and analyze your performance in real time.

04 Superior Offering

It's always easier to push forward outstanding products. Rest assured that when pitching Tagbox, you'll always be offering your clients the best way to stay organized and collaborate as a team.

partner program terms & conditions

Both parties maintain the right to terminate any partnership at any time for any reason. Partners are not permitted to publicly publish or share any Tagbox coupon codes. These codes are intended for exclusive use through your direct referrals only to maintain the exclusivity and value of our offersPartners agree not to engage in any activities that could interfere with the effectiveness of Tagbox's ongoing marketing efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, bidding on branded keywords that Tagbox is actively targeting.Partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct their marketing activities in a manner that reflects positively on the reputation and goodwill of Tagbox. Partners should ensure that all representations and claims about Tagbox products and services are accurate.

By joining our Affiliate Partner Program, you agree to these terms, aimed at fostering a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. We're excited to partner with you and commit to doing anything we can do help you succeed.