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How do you share event photos with your guests without overwhelming them?

Using face recognition, lets you send only the photos they appear in, so they can relive the fun and easily share them on social.

how it works

Upload and
create a link

guests take
a selfie

guests get
their photos!

Personalized photo sharing

We use facial recognition to identify each guest's photos, so that they don't have to go photo-hunting.

Oh, and it’s free.

why tagbox?

01 an amazing experience

A true five-minute setup on your end (watch the video ☝️), and a seamless experience for your guests - no signup required, no need to download an app.

02 face recognition THAT’S 

Our AI catches EVERYTHING. It will identify the guy with the weird mustache covering his face, and the girl with the oversized 60s style sunglasses. We really have no idea how it does that. It still can’t tell the difference between Will Ferrell and the drummer from the Chili Peppers though...

03 a great free plan

Up to 1000 photos. No time limit, no file-size limit, no watermarks - just awesome photo sharing to make your event memorable.

how do i start?

Getting started is easy - just upload a few photos from your last event,
and see the magic in action

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