Unified Taxonomy

  • Keep everyone on your team aligned

  • Control who has access to the Taxonomy with our roles & permissions

It's great that your company is growing. But the more people you have on your team, the harder it is to keep them all in sync and have everyone speak the same language - your company's language.

Lack of unity is one of the reasons it's hard to find things in your company drive - it's always easy to search for something you named, but others might have used a completely different language.


At TagBox, one of our favorite ways to keep everything in order is the Unified Taxonomy. It means that the available tags are set by admins of the platforms - often by team managers. The rest of the team can upload content and tag it using the pre-set tags.

If you're a free spirit and prefer that everybody will be able to create tags, no problem at all - giving everybody the right permissions will allow them to do that - you're in charge.

Create your Taxonomy by clicking the button below:

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