Tag suggestions

  • Avoid similar tags (singular-plural, synonyms)

  • Supports semantic & textual similarity

  • Keeps everyone in the organization consistent

Competitors, or Competitive analysis?

Slides, or presentations?

And of course: Center, or Centre? 

One of the historical pitfalls of tag-based management is that you end up with many tags actually having the same meaning - synonyms, typos, or alternative spellings. And what about those damn Capital latters!

TagBox helps you stay consistent by using a tag similarity engine that suggests existing tags that are most similar to the ones you're looking for.

Recommended uses:

  • capitalized vs. uncapitalized tags

  • plural vs. singular 

  • different spellings of the same word

  • tags with similar meanings

(btw - it's center. Centre makes absolutely no sense if you ask us)