Auto Tag Cleanup

  • Automatically merge similar tags

  • Extract meaningful tags from your existing folder-structure 

Marie Kondo, the legendary Organizing Expert, has a saying she often uses to tidy up: "Does this spark joy?". At TagBox, we go with "does this help you find it?".

During your first 15 minutes with TagBox, we'll run a clean up on your existing content, so you can have a fresh, more organized start.

After connecting your Google Drive or Dropbox account, we'll run a few super-smart algorithms:

1. Tag extraction

After analyzing hundreds of drives from various organizations, we've discovered the #1 cause of clutter: weird naming conventions.​ Because the way these drives work, people often save their files under "forms 2019" and "forms 2020", or under "US customers" and "EU customers".

Our proprietary Tag-extractor identifies these issues and re-tags your files as "forms", "2019" and "2020", grouping together all of your forms, while still keeping the separation by years.

2. Tag merging

Another common issue is that people save similar content in different folders, using different names. Your Sales team might  have important materials under "Customers", while your support team saves similar items under their own "Clients" folder. 

During your onboarding, we'll go over all folder names, identify similar but different names, and suggest merging them together.

3. Removing unused tags

Tags are designed to group content together. To prevent clutter, TagBox periodically goes over your tags, identifies tags that are rarely used, and suggests deleting them. 

Important notes:

- We do not change any tags without asking first. We're here to suggest order, but only you know your content well enough to make sure.

- Tagging on TagBox doesn't change anything on your drive or other sources. 

Ready to get organized?