Fun in the Sun

Organizing images of the outdoors is common in sports organizations, retailers of Outdoor Goods, and anyone who organizes events.

You might have hundreds and thousands of images, but how would you go about organizing them? Most people would just put them in folders by the photoshoot session. Then, a couple of months later, you need to find an image of a guys diving into the water... But can't really remember where it is.

This is where Tagbox's flexible search, custom filters, and smart tags come into play - the video above illustrates how easy it is to find what you're looking for.

Whether you'd like to filter by the age of the model, or instantly locate all the images with people diving into the water, it all becomes a no-brainer with a little help from our AI-witchcraft.

On top of that, add our advanced sharing option for collaborating with clients and suppliers, and you should have everything you need for you creative operations and project management.

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