Defeat the clutter.
Keep your files, media and links organized.


Stop fighting to keep your Drive in order. Let the AI do it.

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TagBox organizes and unifies your company's Drive 

Your company has so much content that's being lost and overlooked:

Marketing slides, product announcements, HR forms, templates... 

What if it could all be automatically organized in one easy-to-use platform? Would that improve your the way your team works?

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How it works


Any content type

Add your key slides, spreadsheets,  links, dashboards, CSV files, that awesome meme you made one day instead of working... Anything.


Smart organization

The platform will automatically organize your content using smart tags. You can manually add or remove tags to teach the system your preferred naming conventions.



You know how Netflix suggests that new thriller you didn't even know was out? Well, how about we suggest a presentation from 2 years ago that can help you with your current project? 

Our added value

TagBox is more than just (awesome) software.

We're here for you.


 1-on-1 onboarding

Tagging & taxonomy consultation

Dedicated email & Zoom support

Platform customization (enterprise)