The TagBox Manifesto

We are here to reimagine the way teams keep, manage, and share content. 

To do so, we follow the following principles:


Ease of use before all

If you need to work to save and share your content, it will not get shared


Quick onboarding

If it takes months of implementation and training to use your knowledge management platform, it will not be easy to use.


No gate-keeper

If your company needs a "traffic cop” to make sure everything is saved to the right place, it will not be easy to use.


A common taxonomy

For a decentralized knowledge system to work, we must make sure everyone uses the same terminology, otherwise there will be chaos


Metadata over folders

Folders are limiting and archaic. With folders, a piece of content can only be stored in one place. With folders, you end up managing a structure of hundreds, if not thousands, of sub-folders. Folders are great for individual use, and terrible for team collaboration.


Be tool-agnostic

If you need to convert each piece of content to your wiki’s format, it will not be easy to use.


Let important content find you

Your knowledge management platform should know what content is relevant for you, and let you know what’s going on.