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Uncover your team of all-stars

The guy on the right is Jerry. 

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Jerry is smart. He's been with the company forever, and he knows a lot. He usually writes all the articles and FAQs, and he's in charge of maintaining the knowledge-base.


Jerry is smart, but he doesn't know everything. His "thing" might be solving support issues, or he might be a domain expert, or a tech guy.  

Because knowledge is "Jerry's thing", others don't really contribute to company knowledge. Their knowledge stays in silos. Even worse - they don't feel they get the recognition they deserve. 

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There's no "I" in "Knowledge Management"

About 10%-20% of your employees have know-how and experience that the other 80%-90% can benefit from.

Don't just settle for one Jerry.

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How we do it

Spark engagement using reputation points, upvotes, badges, and real-life rewards

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Build employee brand
with expert profiles
and company-wide shoutouts 

Connect to HR goals 
with advanced analytics and employee brand tracking 


Give your employees the opportunity to shine

If you're here, you're probably considering which
knowledge-base you should use. The answer is: 
Choose the one your employees would actually use.