• Auto-generated tags for documents and photos

  • Edit, add or remove tags manually 

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Tagging is fun when you have a few dozens of files, but when you get to the hundreds and thousands - you really want the job to be done for you.​

1. In-text auto-tagging 

When you upload PDFs, TagBox will analyze the content of your document and pick the most suitable keywords to be used as tags.​

2. Photo auto-tagging

Add your images, and we'll do the rest! Auto-tag by topic or contents of your photos. After the images are tagged, you can easily filter and find what you're looking for, as well as share with others.​

3. Manual tag edits

AI is awesome, but sometimes you need that human touch. TagBox is the only system that combines best-in-class auto-tagging, with the option to manually edit and override your tags.