Defeat the clutter. Keep your content organized.

Your messy company drive is holding you back. TagBox uses AI-powered smart tags to organize your team’s content, so everyone has direct access to all of the information they need to do the best work possible.

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Why TagBox?


All content types

Different people require different tools. Whether you use MS Office,
Google Docs, Notion, or other tools, we'll help you stay organized.  

​AI assists, you decide

Our AI is smart, but together you're brilliant! We'll help you with tagging suggestions in a transparent, collaborative way

Fits with your regular flow

TagBox doesn't replace your drive - it adds to it. Continue working the way you're used to, and we'll sync and organize your content.



Personalized file channels

See the most relevant
files from across your organization

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Tag suggestions

Avoid duplications and keep your tags consistent across all teams

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5-minute setup and integration

Easily import your files from

Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive



Google Drive