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The power of the team

There are 3 levels of collaboration:

1. working on one's own files

2. working with someone on a specific document (short-term collaboration)

3. working with a team on many documents (long-term collaboration)

Google Drive is awesome. There's really nothing like it when it comes to content creation (level 1), and it makes collaborating on a specific document super easy (level 2). It is only when you get to level 3 that things start to fall through the cracks.

Let's face it - even with Shared Folders, team-wide collaboration doesn't work on Google Drive. The reason is simple: folders.


In Drive, each member inevitably saves their files under their folders, according to their own internal logic. As the team grows, the folder hierarchy leads to 1000s and more folders and subfolders. This is unmaintainable.

That's where we come in:

🏷️ Smart tagging:

​Unlike folders, tags are a very flexible way to organize content. It's a flat structure, so the content isn't hidden under a cascade of folders. But TagBox's smart tags do more than that - they unify and organize, and this is how:

Say you have two folders "agreements" and "contracts". After you sync your drive to TagBox, all the files will automatically get tagged according to the folder structure. But wait - this is where the magic happens: TagBox's AI will recognize the two are similar, and will prompt you to merge the two together. You can choose, for example, that you'd like to call these files "agreements", and from now on - all of the files from across the system that are under either contracts OR agreements will be automatically tagged in a uniform way.

Once your files are properly tagged, you can easily search for them, allowing you to not only find your files, but also the files of your team members, even if they're in a different branch, even if they've already left the company - all the content is in your hands.

🔔 tag-based notifications:

Every day, there's so much content created in your organization. Content that can be helpful to others, if they only knew about it. They can technically go into Google Drive every day and look for new presentations, design assets, release notes or customer interviews - but that would be exhausting and completely unfeasible.

Meet TagBox notifications - each user can subscribe to specific tags to get notified when anything happens. Interested in competitive analysis? Get notified whenever a new competitor gets on anyone's radar. In charge of a specific customer? Get notified whenever there's an issue involving them - even if it's in another department. 

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