Google Drive integration

  • Get all your content into TagBox within minutes

  • Work simultaneously on both platforms - we'll keep them in sync 

  • Tag and organize your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Switching to a new content management platform can be quite a hassle. Not all platforms support all file types. Specifically, there are almost no platforms that support Google Docs, which means you'll need to convert your docs into Word, or into a wiki.

We at TagBox actually think Google Docs are awesome - we work with them ourselves. That's why we build a native integration that pulls all of your Google Docs, and allows for even better collaboration - you can tag them for better discoverability.

Another important thing is migration - it's a huge pain for the entire company to switch platforms all at once. With our ongoing sync, you can start using TagBox even if others decide to stick to their Google Drive.

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