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  • More suitable for creative teams

  • Advanced collaborations tools

  • Better content organization tools

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Multiple workspaces

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Tag-based content discovery

TagBox and Digitile are two of the top tag-based content discovery systems out there. Having started in 2017, Digitile has been around longer, with lots of online presence. It is great at what it does - a search tool to connect different sources into one place. It has multiple integrations from Google Drive to Notion and Salesforce. While its integrations are broad, it does not offer much beyond basic tagging.


TagBox is designed to support your workflows, offers advanced organization tools, and facilitates collaboration. Also, TagBox's tag-based notifications mean you don't need to go look for content - relevant content also finds you.   

👁️ Visual discoverability:

For teams with many visual assets such as images, videos and gifs, content discovery is all about the visuals. While Digitile offers name- and tag-based search, TagBox's deep integration with Google Drive makes it possible to show a thumbnail view (card cover) for easier discoverability, so you don't need to open the images one by one to find what you're looking for.

Over time, this saves your team countless hours and makes everyone's work easier. 

🏷️ Advanced organization tools:

T​ag-based organization is awesome, but it does run the risk of becoming cluttered again once you go over a few hundreds or thousands of files. While Digitile puts all your files in one space, we understand the importance of segmentation. Whether it's for different projects, or for different collaborators, TagBox offers some advanced content organizations tools:

1. Multiple workspaces: separate your content any way you'd like.

2. Personal favorites and recent lists: each team member can see the content most important to them.

3. Admin collections: not all content is created equal: admins can showcase the most important collections in a dedicated area

4. AI-powered tag cleanup: the more tags you have, the greater the risk of duplicates or wrongly defined tags. Luckily, our AI bots are always looking for opportunities to help! It might suggest you merge "photo" and "photos", or event "customers" and "clients". It might suggest you split "Security guidelines" into two distinct "Security" and "Guidelines" for easier discoverability. Whatever the suggestion - the power is always in your hand whether to accept it or not.

🤝 Collaboration tools:

While Digitile is mostly a search tool, TagBox can be an integral tool in your workflow. No matter where your content is stored, you can share it directly from TagBox, comment on any item (even on shared links or YouTube videos), or mention other people so they get an email notification.

🔔 Tag-specific notifications:

Search capabilities are key, but they're not enough - after all, we're not going to go into the system every day and search for all of our main keywords. With TagBox, you can subscribe to tags, and get notified whenever a new item is added for that topic, or if any related documents have been changed.

📦 Affordable storage:

In general, we prefer to have as few systems as possible. In some cases, companies prefer not to have a duplication of content between Drive and their content discovery system, and prefer to just host the files directly in their tag management system. While both Digitile and TagBox connect you to other systems, TagBox also offers the option to store your content right within our system, safely secure and ready to go.  

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