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  • A dedicated support agent for every team, large or small

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Organize images and other media
Organize and share links
Organize Google Docs

AI-powered tag cleanup
Tag management & editing
Tag-based updates and notifications

Cloud storage
Google Drive sync
Multiple workspaces
Manage collections

Commenting & collaboration
Related content

User roles & permissions
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Focusing on simple discoverability

TagBox and Canto are both digital asset management & discoverability systems. Having been founded in 1990, Canto is an industry veteran. TagBox, the new kid on the block, was founded in 2020 and is growing rapidly, using innovative AI and a modern user experience to stand out. 


As an industry giant, Canto boasts a lot of cool features - integrations, watermarks, and editing tools. While great to have (we're no doubt a bit jealous of some!), at the end of the day, asset management is all about finding what you're looking for quickly and easily. 

Here's how we're different:

👁️ Tag-based content discovery:

As your team grows and as you add more content, it's not always easy to remember how things are named or tagged. Canto offers a robust and complex search and filtering tool, which works great as long as you don't get many results. 

While TagBox also includes a lightning-quick search engine, we've found that the best way to find your assets is with a unique tagging drill-down tool, helping you refine your filters until you find what you're looking for. 

🏷️ Advanced organization tools:

T​ag-based organization is awesome, but it does run the risk of becoming cluttered again once you go over a few hundreds or thousands of files. While Canto lets you tag assets, obly TagBox helps you manage those tags to make sure things don't get messy as your content grows.

Here are some of our advanced asset organizations tools:

1. Tag editing: the more tags you have, the greater the risk of duplicates or wrongly defined tags. Easily rename tags, remove unwanted tags, or merge similar tags together. This simple tool can save hours in exhausting tag management, and will make sure everything stays consistent

2. AI-powered tag cleanup: While manual edits are great, they do require attention Luckily, our AI bots are always looking for opportunities to help! It might suggest you merge "photo" and "photos", or event "customers" and "clients". It might suggest you split "Security guidelines" into two distinct "Security" and "Guidelines" for easier discoverability. Whatever the suggestion - the power is always in your hand whether to accept it or not.

3. Tagging permissions: you decide who on your team can create new tags, who can only use existing tags, and who shouldn't be tagging assets at all.

🤝 Dedicated, wholehearted support:

One of the benefits of being an early-stage startup is that it's crucial for us that each one of our customers is 100% satisfied. The bottom line is that if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. That's why every TagBox customer, large or small, is assigned a dedicated support agent, available via email, video chat or phone, with a typical standard response time of under 1 hour.

We work closely with our customers to improve and build the product to fit your needs, with over 80% of our new features originating from customer requests.

⚡️ Affordable pricing, easy setup:

We're here to help your business, not be a burden. We're here to make sure you can get started within hours, not weeks or months. And while Canto starts at an est. $600/month, our pricing starts at $10/user/month. 


That said, we do also offer enterprise tiers, which include platform customization and dedicated integrations. We want to make sure that when you pay top dollar, you get a bespoke, tailor-made suit, and not off-the-shelf trousers.

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