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Keep all your roadmaps, specs, and release notes in sync

As Product Managers, we create a lot of documents: 

market research summaries, customer interviews, specs, release notes, roadmap... The list goes on and on.

A single PM might be able to keep all those documents in place (if she's organized), but as the team grows, it becomes more and more difficult to align across different teams. Very often, different PMs will be using different naming conventions to save their content, or even use different tools to do so, One might like using Google Docs, while swears by Notion, and a third just puts all his research in his everlasting Evernote.

For those reasons, PMs often work in silos, disconnected from other teams and other PMs. It's easy to see how this can backfire, right?

Product management in the new world

Imagine you're starting research for a new feature, say, adding a new user role. You're new on the team, and you feel a little bit like you're working in a vacuum. 


You'd love to get your hands on some relevant customer feedback, You open TagBox, click "customer interviews", and search "roles" and "permissions". Four interviews come up, saving you countless hours in looking for interviewees.

Before you start writing the spec, you think to yourself that surely there has to be an original spec for Roles & Permissions. You open TagBox again, look for "specs", and quickly find the original design. It was actually written a while ago, by the guy you replaced, who now works somewhere else... No way you'd find it otherwise, right?

Easy organizing with TagBox


Drive platforms are optimized for individual use, and it's next to impossible for teams to properly collaborate on them. Our minds are just far too different, and we save our content using different logic. But what if each PM could keep their workflow, yet others could see everything in one, organized place?

This is exactly what TagBox is designed to do. The platform connects to your existing tools such as Google Drive, and auto-tags every file according to its location and contents. Then, our AI suggests merging similar tags together. This way, if one PM has a folder named "Specs" and another as a folder named "PRDs", we'll suggest you group them together, according to your preference. 


From this point onward, all specs will appear together within TagBox, regardless of whether they were saved under "Specs", "PRDs", "User Stories", or "Requirements".

Get notified when it matters


Organizing your team's documents is a huge step forward. It will help you conduct research, get to those hard-to-reach customer interviews, and find old specs. ​

But what if you could get notified as soon something important happens? Whenever a new feature is released, or a new customer is interviewed? With TagBox, you can subscribe to tags, and get notified by email whenever new content is added, or an old one is updated.

Update EVERYONE without spamming them

But wait, why stop there?! It's not only the product team who needs to stay updated - it's also Sales, Marketing, Support... And each of them is interested in different updates. For example - we all know how Sales are interested in shiny new features they can sell, while Support is mostly interested in solving that bug that has everyone all riled up. 

With TagBox, they can registed for the updated they care about. No more company-wide emails that people auto-archive without giving them a second thought. By personalizing the updates, you get better engagement without having to worry about remembering to add that new guy who just joined the sales team. 


Want to start tagging your content?

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