Links and Bookmarks

  • Save and share important links

  • Easily add bookmarks with our dedicated Chrome Extension

In recent years, more and more of our content is saved on websites, not in files. Important videos are saved on YouTube, not as MP4s. Company reports are found in Analytics platforms, where they are permanently updated. 

Our files have been saved and shared for years - so why are we still saving our bookmarks locally in the browser, disconnected from the rest of our team?

For that reason, TagBox's content management tool helps you save and manage ALL types of content, including links. You can save a link directly from within the platform, or use our dedicated Chrome Extension, so that you can save a bookmark from within a site, just like you would save it to Chrome.

Once you've saved it to TagBox, you can tag it so that others on your team can find it with ease.

Recommended uses:

  • save important videos from YouTube 

  • save links to important dashboards on other tools - project management, analytics, and communication tools 

  • perform online research by adding your links and tagging them from the browser

Start organizing your bookmarks by clicking here: